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Snorkeling, Diving And Excursion

Thoddoo Retreat features regular activities all year long including a full range of snorkelling adventures and excursions to other islands. Excursions are the best ways to discover the Maldives, explore North Ari Atoll, and experience the culture and hospitality of the local people.

Snorkeling Trips

The Maldives is famous for its underwater beauty with pristine corals, colourful reef fish and impressive pelagic creatures. Thoddoo Retreat is fortunate to be located just a few minutes away from some of the best snorkelling and dives sites of North Ari Atoll. We offer daily trips to a selection of great snorkelling sites, subject to weather and sea conditions. The trips are guided by our excursion guide who can help make this your snorkelling trip a memorable experience. Nevertheless, sightings of specific marine species such as Turtles, Eagle rays or Mantas always requires an element of luck; please understand that there is never a guarantee that these animals will turn up at any given hour or day! To find out which snorkelling trips are available during your stay or to book, please meet with our excursion guide or contact us via email prior to your arrival. Please book your desired trip at least one day in advance.

Introduction To Snorkeling

Thoddoo Retreat guest house offer 30 minutes complimentary snorkelling trip to each guest on their day of arrival. An experience snorkelling guide will give a short introduction to the house reef, advise on how best to snorkel and will explain the details of the reef and its ecosystem as you gain your first experience in the water. This is a great opportunity for both beginners and experience snorkelers to understand how to access the house reef safely without damaging this beautiful underwater world.

Snorkeling Manta Point

Snorkelling with manta rays is an unforgettable experience. We have 3 different areas; 1 cleaning station and 2 feeding stations which give a great opportunity to spot these magnificent and friendly animals. All 3 sites are only a 10-30 minute speed boat journey from Thoddoo Retreat. These sites are famous for frequent sightings of manta rays all year round and are an experience not to be missed! A minimum of 3 people is required.

Enjoy The Underwater World

Maldives is famous for its underwater beauty; coral gardens, colourful reef fish and impressive pelagic creatures. If you haven`t snorkelled before - this is your chance! Discover the amazing marine life by joining our "Enjoy the Underwater World, snorkelling experience. Over a period of 3 days, Thoddoo retreat team will take you by speed boat to 3 of the best snorkelling sites in North Ari atoll. You will have the exciting opportunity to observe sharks, eagle rays, surgeon fish, trigger fish, and may be even turtle or manta ray. This is the ultimate underwater experience. A minimum 2 person required.

Snorkeling Turtle Safari

Located just 20 minutes from Thoddoo by speed boat are a collection of snorkelling spots which have a thriving population of turtles. Join this excursion and give yourself the best opportunity to swim with these graceful and beautiful creatures. If you are unable to encounter a turtle, you will still have the change to explore the vibrant corals and see a variety of interesting reef fish, every snorkelling safari is unique experience. A minimum of 3 persons is required.

Night Snorkeling

Discover the reef by night for a magical experience. Your guide accompanies you on this thrilling 45 minute adventure providing a great way to discover the underwater life during the night. Discover many different species such as squid, lion fish and puffer fish. Under water lamps are provided. A minimum of 2 persons is required.


Take this opportunity to visit some other local inhabited islands, try your hand at fishing or perhaps join our Dolphin Cruise and enjoy a fiery Maldivian sunset. Thoddoo Retreat offers an exciting range of excursions. To book any of the excursions, please contact our guest relations team.

Sunset Fishing

Line fishing is the most popular method of fishing in the Maldives and is a fantastic experience for fishing enthusiasts as well as beginners. You will go out to the reef on a traditional Maldivian vessel called a Dhoni as the sun sets. Thoddoo Retreat team is there to assist you throughout the trip. The catch of the night is served on the lunch buffet the next day. A minimum of 3 persons is required.

Dolphin Cruise

A must do! Take this chance to enjoy our Dolphin Cruise. The boat will take you out inside the atoll to search for dolphins. If you`re lucky you may have dolphins jumping next to boat whilst watching fiery Maldivian sunset, an unforgettable experience. A minimum of 3 persons is required.

Scuba Diving

If water is your element, then scuba diving is the ultimate way to explore the amazing underwater world of the Maldives. Thoddoo Island is blessed with spectacular marine life. Amongst many other unique species, rays including the magnificent manta ray and sharks can usually be seen here all year round here thriving in their natural habitat! We are working together with a qualified dive center to provide a range of fantastic dive experiences suitable for both beginners and qualified divers. If you are trying scuba for the first time, an enthusiastic team of dive instructors and dive masters will provide you with a safe and friendly introduction to diving. As a certified diver there are a range of different exciting and challenging dives including reefs, caves and wrecks.

Regarding diving and prices please contact Thoddoo Retreat team via email on: info@thoddooretreat.com